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Monday, 15 August 2011

The tannery, Dunadry

The old chimney from Muckamore Abbey

Dunadry is a village situated just outside of Antrim, along a long country road known as the Seven Mile Straight. My brother told me of this lovely river walk and it really is unspoiled by man. First of all we had to park in the grounds of a church and climb over a sty to get into a large field. It all seemed plain sailing until Mark informed me that we would have to climb over another sty and pass through a field of dairy cows to access the river walk. I am afraid of cows, their sheer bulk frightens me, okay, their eyes are pretty scary too. Anyhow, we covered Lola's eyes (our dog) and quietly crept across their field to another sty, which lead us to the river. The river was more of a shallow stream, which was very clear with pebbles on its bed, we noticed a few fishermen clearing the river of nets etc. We walked through the fields which lead to the old tannery, a building where the animal skins were dyed, I am not sure of the reason but the building is now in ruins but is slowly being restored. There is also a large country house being built out of the industrial ruins. This walk wasn't as exciting as our Six Mile River walks, or indeed our rambles through the woods but it was still pretty nonetheless. As you can see from the photos, there was nothing but green fields and plenty of fresh air!

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