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Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Round Tower

 The Round Tower is located in an area known as the Steeple and is right next door to my old high school. I suppose I take it for granted because I come here all the time with Lola. Here is a little bit of info:  Antrim Round Tower was built around the 10th century and is one of the finest of its kind in Ireland,  there are only a few Round Towers in Ireland and it was in here that monks would seek refuge from the vikings. It stands 28 metres tall and was built as part of a monastic settlement. Lough Neagh used to run up to the tower via a stream, which is now empty, making it easy access for the vikings to reach the monks settlement.

Next to the Round Tower is a large rock known as the Witches Stone, folk lore tells of a witch named Ann Trim who plunged from the top of the tower and landed on the rock. The rock has two dents which are said to be the markings of her knee and elbow.

The tower now has metal bars on the bottom window, but back in the days before health and safety we used to climb inside the tower and I once broke my wrist jumping from the bottom window!

 Anyhow, I plan to visit the old Ice House tomorrow, weather and head cold permitting!

Lola is loving life!

Take me home!

Sniffing around the witches stone 

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