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Monday, 15 August 2011

Greenmount, Antrim

Technically if we had any sense we would have continued on toward the Tirgracy Road which is the official entrance to Greenmount, instead we parked in a small cul-de-sac and slipped through the metal gates, an easy route that I've known since childhood. However, this only leads to the road past the P.I.G building and a few corn fields that ultimately brings one to the pond. The pond is lovely and the stone arch, which is about 200 years old can be seen through the overgrown shrubbery. We walked across the footbridge, built above the stone arch which really leads to nothing exciting, lots of empty fields and a golf course. We did however stumble upon a large field homing two docile horses.  Naturally, our small Yorkie spoiled the proceedings to get close to the horses without her high pitched yelp spooking them, but we did capture some nice shots of the scenery.

The next night we returned, albeit with the dog, and some food from our grandfather's allotment for the horses. We kept Lola a safe distance away from the horses and we did our best to stifle her canine shrieks. The horses didn't seem too bothered by her barking, perhaps a little curious, but still, we didn't want to take that chance. We managed to feed the horses, which they seemed to enjoy and Mark caught some fun snaps. As we were leaving the horses decided to gallop along with us, this scared me a little as I am a bit unsure of horses and I wondered if they were charging for Lola, who continued to bark. Mark informed me that the horses were displaying signs of happiness, but this did nothing to calm my nerves! When we return we will do our best to sneak out without Lola.

I have been to Greenmount many, many times. My best friend lived close to the campus, but I hope to return to the main part of the grounds to explore the historic summer house, Greenmount Manor, a tiny secret garden which we discovered during our childhood of stalking the grounds and the walled garden dating from 1801. Hopefully we can do this tomorrow.  Should we leave Lola at home? ;-)

Here is a good source for info on Greenmount 

Sneaky horse!

The Arched Pond 

200 yr old stone arch

It's like Autumn already!

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