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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Costume Exhibition

The costume exhibition at the Ulster Museum was amazing, the tickets are only £3.50 so if you're in the area make it a point to visit. I was surprised at how tiny a lot of the costumes were, I know a lot of the period dresses required corsets so that in itself made everything about half its usual size but the stature of the gowns were very short, I noticed that Helen Mirren's elaborate gown from Elizabeth I was only about 5ft high. The highlights of the exhibition were Helena Bonham Carter's wedding dress from Frankenstein, the costumes from Downton Abbey and Elizabeth Taylor's costume, she was also very tiny! There was a cinema which played Pathe archived footage and it was wonderful to see Vivien Leigh on the big screen. Liz Taylor and Viv, what more could I want?

There are lots of photos from the exhibition which I have added to Flickr. 
Cora's costume from Downton Abbey

Lady Mary's costume from Downton Abbey

Lady Sybil's costume from Downton Abbey

Elizabeth Taylor

Lady Edith's costume from Downton Abbey

Violet's costume from Downton Abbey

With my brother and 3rd cousins Robyn & Gillian, who is visiting from Canada!

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