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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Culture & Costumes

Well, I haven't been exploring the great outdoors in two days because I've been busy in work but on Friday I am swapping my country rags for city clothes...yes, I like themed outfits! I am going to meet up with my cousin who is visiting from Canada and we're going to visit a costume exhibition at the Ulster Museum. I am very excited because a number of my favourite costumes will be on display including a dress worn by Elizabeth Taylor and some Edwardian costumes from my favourite TV series, Downton Abbey. Perhaps I should wear Egyptian eyeliner and a snake bangle as a tribute to Dame Elizabeth...oh wait, there is a Mummy on site. Anyhow, photos (if allowed) will follow on Friday. Til' then here is a book which I can't recommend enough and is always on top of my reading pile- The Mitfords: Letter's Between Six Sisters.

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