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Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Linen Mill, Antrim

This is what is left of the once prosperous linen mill, one of its kind in Northern Ireland. The Moylinny Bank Mill was situated along the Six Mile Water,  a river that runs through Antrim.  My brother and I went exploring through the long, overgrown grass and stumbled across some ruins from the mill, some of the bricks (see third photo) have fallen into the water and through the years of harsh weather, neglect and nature taking its course, what is left of the mill is slowly disappearing. The council have preserved this water wheel (see bottom photo) which generated the energy for the mill. This is only the industrial side of things, the actual mill factories have been knocked down to make way for a housing development. The area, once a 19th century industrial din is now a quiet nature reserve with man made pathways allowing casual ramblers easy access to the bridges and river with specular views of woodland and the occasional sighting of otters, squirrels and kingfishers.  Check out my next post for photographs of the unspoiled views of the Six Mile Water. 

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