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Monday, 15 August 2011

Greenmount, Revisited

Mark and I decided to follow the road to Greenmount Campus mainly because I wanted to explore the 19th century villa style mansion, Manor House. We pulled up next to a hut where a lady was locking up, I asked her where the house was located and she said she didn't know, another lady told us to call back on Saturday because they do guided tours for a fee. We ended up driving away and parking in the cul de sac where we walk along the gated road to the arched pond. However, next time I will park in the campus as Manor House is very close to the carpark. Silly me!

I decided it might be clever to keep walking upward rather than cutting off at the pond, I told Mark to keep his eyes peeled for a big house, for some reason I imagined it to be white. A few miles up the road we reached the campus where we had originally pulled into. Mark noticed the house, a large sandstone villa with columns and a cast iron balcony, we snapped some photos and headed toward the guided nature trail. We were the only two in the woods, we followed the paths through the woodland to the lily pond and walked along the decking past a field which and lo and behold, the horses from the other night were there. I hadn't realised the field was so large but this time they ignored us as they grazed on shrubbery.

The Richardson Walled Garden, originally constructed in 1801 was closed but we looked through the cast iron gate and snapped some photos of its large solarium. All in all it was a lovely walk which lasted about five miles, we cut across the golf course and the arched pond to find our way home. Thank goodness Mark has a sense of direction!

Click here to read more about Greenmount Campus

Nature trail

Lily Pond

Manor House built in 1820

Stone cottage on the campus


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