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Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Postcard

Some of you have been messaging me via The Mitford Society to hurry up and post a photograph of the postcard that we received from Debo's secretary, Helen. Well, here it is!

A lovely photograph of Debo's garden.

Helen glued this letter to the back of the postcard.

I wasn't expecting a reply, so when I received this I was over the moon. It arrived on Friday the 13th and what a lucky day that was! I have it proudly on display in my alcove amongst the Mitford paraphernalia!


  1. The postcard is so pretty! It was so nice of them to send something so personal instead of a form letter (or not responding at all).

    1. Yes, I was so pleased to receive it!! Although, it would have been very cool if Debo had signed it, but I understand her eyesight is failing, and I am sure she received a lot of birthday wishes from all over the place.