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Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Day Away

As of lately things have been a bit haywire, so it was nice to get away for a few hours to a secluded spot with little Lola and Mark, who tagged along for the trip, and surprisingly he was happy enough to run around the ruins and climb along the banks of the lough. The sun was out, I sense I might have to dig out the SPF50 any day now, and we spent a few hours at Cranfield. One canoeist was paddling far off into the distance, and he was the only human presence.

A mysterious cat lurked at the foot of the old graveyard and wouldn't come over to greet us, it wasn't even fazed by Lola's growling. Some birds hopped around and we let Lola off her leash to run across the fields, until one minor mishap happened and she became stuck in some brambles. I sat on the rock of St. Olcan's tomb watching Mark and Lola explore the marshlands.

And then we decided to go home, stopping off at the Lough Shore park on our way through. It was quite busy with children and animals, and Lola, as per usual, went nuts, so we brought her home.

But I haven't been able to settle all day. I can't stand being indoors and I'm feeling restless. Hopefully tomorrow is another nice day and we can head off somewhere, or maybe just spend the day in the back garden.

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