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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Giant's Causeway

I had a lovely day today visiting the Giant's Causeway. This is the first I've been to it in about ten years and as with many things from my childhood I was surprised to find that everything was not according to my memory. But how can that be? Well for one, I can never remember parking at the Causeway Hotel and walking a short distance to the area, it always seemed that we parked the car and somehow we were already at the stones. Hmmm.

Many legends surround the Causeway, such as the Giant, Finn McCool, and because of such stories, many of the stones are named after the Giant, such as 'The Giant's wishing chair' 'The Giant's harp' and 'The Giant's Boot.' In fact, the stones are the result of a volcano which erupted 50 million years ago, the top of each stone is perfectly hexagon, which is why it is so intriguing, I don't believe there is a site like it anywhere else in the world. 

Anyway, the sun was shining at the Coast, much brighter than ghastly Antrim town, and I always refer to the Giant's Causeway as being in Portrush, when in fact, it is in Bushmills! That might ring a bell with all of you liquor enthusiasts!! I climbed all over the stones and then we walked along the long and winding path up the cliff which is made up of hundreds of steps. That is my exercise for the year! Lola enjoyed herself too, but was weary of the stones.

View of Portrush

The Atlantic

At the top!

Lola on the Giant's Boot

Climbing up the path

The Causeway School



  1. I wasn't aware of the Causeway School museum. Must pay it a visit next time I'm in the vicinity.


  2. It's a lovely little school, they're doing a lot of maintenance to the car park/visitor's area so it was a bit of a nightmare maneuvering around.