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Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Cat Garden

The weather has finally cleared up!! Today I visited Belfast Castle with the intention to visit the quirky cat garden which is very beautiful with spectacular views of Belfast lough. Please note, you cannot take dogs into the garden, so Lola had to watch from afar, however, you can take your dog everywhere else around the castle grounds which has lovely walks along the cave hill.

Because we had Lola with us we couldn't venture inside the castle, which was very busy with a function anyway, but I'll return for lunch and to visit the Cave Hill visitor centre which houses an authentic replica of a 1920s bedroom and other interesting information about Cave Hill and all that inhabited it from the stone age until the present day, also there is an antique shop in the basement.

Lola's waiting for a five gun salute

Underneath the stairs
 If you're wondering how to get to Belfast Castle (a mystery to me for such a long time) take the road for the Zoo and it's the next few entrances up, just keep driving toward the lovely Edwardian townhouses and then you'll see the signpost. Prepare to be dazzled as you drive up the long and winding driveway toward the castle.

The castle isn't exactly a castle but a massive country manor built two centuries ago. To find out more click here


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  1. As a cat lover I think I would really enjoy the Cat Garden. And Belfast Castle looks beautiful, even if it isn't really a castle. :-)