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Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Mitford Family Album...

I've scanned some rare photos for The Mitford Society from the out of print The Mitford Family Album by Sophia Murphy (Debo's youngest daughter). And also some photographs from Decca, The Letters of Jessica Mitford. So, if you're going to steal these please do credit where you found them because you won't find them anywhere else on the net!

Merry Christmas from the Treuhafts! Dinky, Bob, Nicholas, Benjamin & Decca, 1950s


Pamela & Tom

Pamela, Nancy, Diana & Tom, 1914

Decca & Dinky

Lady Redesdale & Debo at The Grand National, 1937


Diana & Bryan Guinness

Diana & Bryan Guinness, 1932

Debo in Switzerland, 1931

Diana & Sir O at Tullamaine Castle, 1951

Lady Redesdale & Debo

Debo, 1934

Sir O & Diana, 1936

Nancy & Peter Rodd in Brighton

Debo, Decca & Unity on a cruise

Unity, Decca, Lady Redesdale & Debo

Unity & Diana in Munich


Decca in Portugal, 1936

Debo signing up for National Service, 1941

Debo on her wedding day, 1941

Pamela & Derek Jackson

Decca & Bob

Unity & Decca, 1930


Nancy & Decca in Paris

Decca & Lady Redesdale on Inch Kenneth, 1959

Decca the pop star, 1996

Debo with Aly Khan

Debo with Kick Kennedy

Debo, 1950s

Debo in an unsual hat gifted by Evelyn Waugh


  1. great photos. Thank you

  2. Marvellous and rare pictures, thanks for posting

  3. Very interesting