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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations!

I ventured down to the newly renovated Castle Grounds today to see the Jubilee celebrations, the grounds were crowded with people picnicking and listening to the live band (Royalists or enjoying a freebie?) There was also an exhibition of the Queen's portraits.

And then we returned that evening to watch the lighting of the beacon which accidentally set the grass on fire!  Some Non-U people were moaning that it was quite mediocre, but they failed to realize what it symbolizes, their loss!

All in all it was a good show! The rainy weather kept me indoors today so I watched the Jubilee coverage and enjoyed the spectacle from the comfort of my house! Tomorrow I am going to see a screening of one of my favourite movies A Streetcar Named Desire at the Old Courthouse. 

The other night Mark and I slipped through the railings to take these photos of the Italian tower, moat and newly renovated gardens.

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