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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Friendly Cows

 I used to be terrified of cows, that is, until they were placed in a field right next to the horses, then I had no other choice but to walk past their field. It always scared me how they charged toward the fence and then stood uniformly in a line, pushing and shoving. Until a few days ago I used to approach the field very slowly and then sprint past. Slowly I've been getting used to them, but tonight I left Lola at home (she'd instigate an animal to attack her) and I stood at the fence and watched them run toward me, it was sort of that fight or flight scenario and then I veered toward the fence, and bit by bit I began to pet them and feed them some grass. I got used to them and was sort of able to judge their behaviour, although, they were all dairy cows and quite small in stature, so that wasn't so bad. And then I realized they're very friendly!!

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  1. Having grown up on a farm, I can tell you that beef cattle are no different. We raised Angus cattle and one could pet most of our cows, even our old bull. Cattle are big, but they tend to be gentle.