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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Portglenone Forest

As with many of our trips, this trip to Portglenone Forest happened on the spur of the moment. Mark directed me through Randalstown along the country roads which had stunning views of the Lough, to the ancient woodland, it was quite a drive but worth it, that is, if trees are your thing.

I know nothing about Portglenone Forest, except that I've never been there..."Portglenone Forest continues a history of mature woodland cover since ancient times, which protects the woodland flora and fauna. As such, the 26 hectare main area contains extensive colonies of ancient woodland flower species - Bluebell, Wood Anemone, Wild Garlic and many broadleaves and riverside walks. The swathes of bluebells in spring are especially remarkable, as is the Grove dedicated to Dr. Augustine Henry." More at Discover N.I.

We walked through the forest, taking the path which led over a wooden bridge along to the River Bann. Lola was her usual charming self and tried to attack any dog which passed us, which can be quite tricky when we're out for the day, we hate to leave her at home but we also hate having to restrain her. And, because of this, we had to have a look at the Bann and then walk away, people were fishing with their dogs next to them and we didn't want to disturb them.

The sunny weather has gone, (just my luck, I've been at work all week) and it was getting chilly in the forest. Mark told me the forest has a waterfall but we couldn't find it, I think he is getting it mixed up with another forest. Well, the forest itself is quite like Randalstown Forest, just trees upon trees, but it is better laid out with a lovely winding path, views of the fields, and a nice pond.

Tomorrow we are going to Botanic Gardens to visit the Victorian Palm House which grows all kinds of weird and wonderful plants, and then we'll stop off at the museum.

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