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Sunday, 4 March 2012

It's that time of year again

Yes folks, we're back on the heritage trail, and not a day too soon! With spring just around the corner and the brighter, lighter evenings approaching we've decided to put on our country casuals and head off on an excursion! Because we live in a funny little town, part town, part countryside we have lots of options when it comes to taking in the scenery, and since we prefer green fields, rivers and wildlife, we decided to visit Greenmount!

We've visited here before (check the tags for photos). Sadly, this time the horses were indoors so we used that opportunity to use the side of their field as a shortcut to the Lily pond. This time of year is a little unsettling because the plants are still hibernating and not much wildlife was on-show, but a lovely walk nevertheless.

I was chatting to my brother the other day about our excursions. Last year we were amateurs on the heritage trail but this year we are professionals! I can't wait until the better weather arrives so we can venture off to the coast and take in the remarkable sights of the North West!

Just to give you a sneak peak of what we plan to visit this year: castles, ancient ruins, old burial grounds, stately homes, the causeway, pony trekking, the Glens of Antrim, The Mountains of Mourne...and the Mediterranean! 

Anyway, we used the opportunity to snap some photos. Not as pretty as the summertime snaps but nice all the same.

Beautiful Manor House

Lily Pond in winter

Wet Lands

Chilling like a villain

The horses field without the horses

Channeling the Jungman sisters

Picnic area

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