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Sunday, 10 September 2017

We're Back

Hello! After four years of not posting a single thing (that can't be right, can it?!) I have decided to revive Culture in a Cold Climate. For a few years I have been doing excursions, but they have often been repeat visits to the places posted on this blog. However, all that has changed. The excursions have become more adventurous (think breaking into abandoned buildings, slipping through railings of national monuments) and I thought you would enjoy reading about the places and seeing photographs that, perhaps, you might not see on websites and Google images. My brother and his girlfriend accompany me on the excursions (we're the Hellion Battalion, no really!) and so this blog will chart our days out.

Although this blog has not been active in a long time it has served as a guide for other adventurers, including two travel writers who are working on a book entitled Secret Belfast. The queries I continue to receive inspired me to share my latest photos and info regarding heritage sights in Northern Ireland, and some in the Republic of Ireland.

I tend to visit a new place every Sunday, that is - when I am not swamped by writing projects. Since our last meeting, I have become a full-time writer and historian. I feel very lucky indeed! Recently I have been commissioned to write a biography on Margaret, Duchess of Argyll, so that is keeping me busy. I also write book reviews for The Lady magazine, as well as writing features for other publications and sometimes advising on historical projects. And so, that, along with my blog, is a marriage of my work!

I hope you will enjoy the posts!

Lyndsy xxx

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