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Monday, 5 September 2011

Deer Spotting

We're back on the culture trail once again. Today we took the opportunity to visit Randalstown Forest which is home to wild deer. The forest is a bit boring in comparison to other woodland across the province, trees upon trees, yes I know, it's a forest, but I do enjoy a bit of scenery with my trees! The paths were quite muddy today thanks to our heavy rainfall and the sign posts are only highlighted with coloured arrows, the forest is very dense so it is easy to get lost. Thankfully Mark knew where he was going. On our last visit we spotted some deer, some even quite close up but the camera was broken. Today we climbed to the top of the look out tower and saw nothing!

I am looking forward to the middle of the month when the conquers should be ready! It's lovely to go to the Castle Grounds to gather them up. So Halloween!
Worst dog in the world!

The look out tower

A bit of a struggle

Some bones

A skull

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